Therapeutic Connections

OT by Roni Casser Inc.

Therapeutic Connections is a private pediatric Occupational Therapy practice that specializes in decreasing tears and frustration, increasing self-esteem and facilitating success in the 3 main activities of children: playing/socializing, academic skills, and positive family relationships/ dynamics. The philosophy and mission of Therapeutic Connections is to provide comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic intervention services to children diagnosed with a number of developmental challenges. One goal of Therapeutic Connections is to design an inclusive treatment plan based on your child's individual needs as well as the needs and priorities of the family as a whole.

Fine Motor and Eye-Hand Coordination

skills evaluation

Unable to hold a marker/pencil correctly
Expresses fatigue during visual motor writing, tracing or coloring tasks
Unable to manipulate clothing fasteners, meal/snack containers or academic materials
Avoids coloring cutting, coloring, tracing, or writing activities
Doesn’t hold meal utensils correctly
Very messy/ illegible handwriting

Sensory Processing Difficulties

skills evaluation

Hypersensitive to textures (sand, grass, glue, paint), loud or unexpected noise
Anxious in new situations or with new people
Doesn’t feel pain when injured/ feels pain intensely
Exhibits impulsive behaviors or lack of safety awareness
Difficulty getting to sleep or sleep through the night
Very rigid/ set in his/her ways

Attention and Focus

skills evaluation

Very easily distracted / can’t filter out extraneous noise/sounds
Needs a teacher or assistant to facilitate work completion
Can’t sit still in seat or at circle time
Seems to be in own world (zone out) exhibits impulsive/hyperactive behaviors
Difficulty waiting for a turn, standing still in line during transitions
Difficulty remaining seated in restaurants, places of worship

Gross Motor and Coordination Skills

skills evaluation

Avoids playground and climbing/sliding activities
Very clumsy/ uncoordinated
Complains of fatigue quickly during gross motor PE, afterschool sports or family actives
Poor posture
Can’t ride tricycle, bike, scooter by themselves

Our experienced and caring team

now treats children in their home environment and in their private school settings. We emphasize a team approach; working closely with teachers, directors and staff. Additionally, we provide important parent education regarding specific therapies, home programs (sensory diets and exercises), speicific behavioral strategies as well as school consultations and comprehensive parental support.

  • “My son made progress in leaps and bounds and thought he was playing the whole time! I think the most positive feedback came from his kindergarten teacher and 1st grade teacher, both of whom worked with him before, during and after therapy.”

  • "Miss Roni very quickly got to know (connect with and understand my child) through the extensive evaluation process. She expertly developed goals and planned her therapy sessions (which my daughter saw as play sessions) around them. She was extremely supportive to my child, and me as well. She gave my 3 year old child the confidence and skills she needed to be successful in preschool."

  • "During the summer, my son had an OT evaluation, which I was able to observe.  I learned that my active, energetic son was weak in his core and upper body. He also had trouble with visual tracking (looking at board, then back to paper) and that was causing him frustration. After 6 weeks of weekly 45-minute occupational therapy sessions he was already a new kid!  He catches himself and corrects his own posture, pencil grasp and he can sit and write for a long time now! His teacher and I feel that he benefited greatly from the expertise of these caring professionals."
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